We will do strict Quality Control to ensure we offer the best quality of our products. | Customizable Professional Hairdressing Shears

Life Testing Machine can be simulated scissors lift time via computer to record every precisely cut | Ergonomic garden pruning scissors

Life Testing Machine can be simulated scissors lift time via computer to record every precisely cut

Quality Assurance

We will do strict Quality Control to ensure we offer the best quality of our products.

Eversharp is the leading scissors manufacturer in Taiwan and is recognized as a global leader in quality and value. We conduct a strict quality control process including lifetime cycle cutting testing, hardness assurance, and 3D measurement testing.
Eversharp has met and exceeded internal and external audits of quality and manufacturing. We have received external and internal ISO 9001 certification UL audits.
We also strive to meet our clients’ customized requirements, which includes quality system controls, manufacturing processes, and social compliance audits.

Test ItemsDevice NameTestThe Main FunctionStandard Test ConditionsOperating Range
HardnessRockwell hardness machine (AR-10)VoluntarilyMetal hardness testing420J2: HRC 52 ± 2 °1. Measuring force: 60kgf / 100kgf / 150kgf
1. 4034: HRC 57 ± 1 °2. Minimum test thicknes 1mm, the maximum thickness of 115mm test
AUS8: HRC 58 ± 1 ° (cryogenic)3. Minimum reading: 0.5HR
440C: HRC 60 ± 1 ° (cryogenic)4. Measurement Unit: HRA, HRB, HRC
Metallurgical structureAbrasive cutting machinesVoluntarilyCutting inserts buried analyte into slicesNAFor metal, plastic material cutting
Buried inlay machineVoluntarilyThe analyte slices skids for solidification inserts buried into the cylinderNAOperating time of about 15 minutes
Buried inlay polishing machineVoluntarilyThe inlay buried polished cut surface of the slice made for metallurgical testNANA
Micro Hardness Tester (FMAR-1)Voluntarily1. Detection of the material surface hardness420J2: HRC 52 ± 2 °1. Measurement Unit: HV (convertible HRC)
2. Observe the cut surface microstructure buried inlay1. 4034: HRC 57 ± 1 °2. Metallographic observation magnification: 100X, 400X, 1000X
3. The size of the crystalline metallic materials, organizational structure metallographic observationAUS8: HRC 58 ± 1 ° (cryogenic)3. The minimum unit of measure: 0.5HV
440C: HRC 60 ± 1 ° (cryogenic)
RoughnessSurface roughness tester measure (T1000)VoluntarilySurface roughness measurementPlane grinding: Ra 0.3 ~ 0.6um1. The smallest unit: 0.01um
Intrados grind: Ra 0.5 ~ 0.6um2. Measuring stroke: 16 / 20mm
Bevel grinding: Ra 1.0 ~ 1.2um dragging water sand: Ra 0.5 ~ 0.6um3. Measurement accuracy: 0.01um
4. Operation range: ± 100um
Push, pullElectronic thrust meter (HF100)VoluntarilyPush, pull force measurementEmpty paper models cut a level 4 level 8 level Paper Scissors Paper forging <45g <60g <100g <190g1. Determination of the unit: N, Kgf (gf)
Die Casting <50g <65g <130g <250g2. Test Accuracy: ± 0.2% FS
A die-cut <60g <75g <160g <270g3. Reproduction accuracy: ± 0.1% FS
Two die-cut <70g <90g <190g <300gThe response rate: 10 ~ 320 Hz, 6-segment
Three scissors5. Maximum load: 100N / 10Kgf / 22.04lbf
 6. Minimum reading: 0.01N / 0.001Kgf / 0.01lbf
Test itemsDevice NameTestThe Main FunctionStandard Test ConditionsOperating Range
Size2.5D image measuring instrumentPurchase the middle1. Object dimensions (length, width, arc, center distance, depth ..) measurement, to ensure that products meet specifications DimensionsDrawing on the basis of dimensional tolerances1. Measuring stroke: 300mm x 200mm x 150mm
2. Surface imaging test3. Repeat accuracy: 0.003mm
 The smallest unit of measure: 1um
 2. Image Magnification: 28X ~ 180X
Height measuring instrumentVoluntarilyObject height, thickness measurementDrawing on the basis of dimensional tolerances1. Measuring range: 0 ~ 300mm
2. Minimum Measurement Unit: 0.01mm
Cut lifeLife Testing MachineVoluntarily1. Test scissors cutForged scissors> 200,000 times a scissors>1. Test Range: 0 ~ 10kg
2. scissors cut the number of (life) test180,000 times two scissors>2. The smallest unit of measurement: 1g
 150,000 three scissors> 100,0003. Measurement Accuracy: 2g
Test hundred cells100 grid knives + 3M (# 600) TapeVoluntarilyCoated surface adhesion test degreeUse a knife hundred cells per cell, then use the 3M # 600 adhesive tear tape, 0 no loss, a loss must be less than 5%, 2 5% to 15% off, 3 from 15 to 35% off.
Heavy metals testingInductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy analyzerOutsourcingTest raw ingredients of cadmium, lead, mercury, total chromium ... four major heavy metal content, in order to ensure compliance with RoHS requirementsCadmium Cd <100ppm, lead Pb <1000ppm, Mercury Hg <1000ppm, hexavalent Cr 6+ <1000ppmNA
Test ItemsDevice NameTestThe Main FunctionStandard Test ConditionsOperating Range
Salt spray testSalt spray machineOutsourcingVerify that the product at high temperature, high humidity, after 72 hours, its quality specifications are met5% saline solution in the pH range 6.5 to 7.2, is atomized into mist, a heating cabinet maintained at 35°C --24 ~ 48HrTemperature at room temperature ~ 50°C
The impact of thermal cyclesHot and cold impact test machine cycleOutsourcingVerify that the product in a very short period of time, from extreme cold to extreme heat, extreme cold lower and lower, after several cycles, the product meets the specifications70 degrees 2Hr / -20 degrees 2Hr / 30 cycles / conversion time of 5min 80 degrees 2Hr / -30 degrees 2Hr / 30 cycles / conversion time of 5minTemperature -60°C ~ 150°C; humidity 10% to 98%
High temperature and humidity testConstant temperature and humidityOutsourcingTest products in certain of the environment (temperature and humidity), the next change in the characteristics of the product, and still meet the specificationsTemperature +70 degrees / humidity 90% / 240HrTemperature -60°C ~ 150°C humidity 10% to 98%
Packaging vibration testingVibration testing machineOutsourcingEffects of simulated vibration during transportation of the productRandom Mode 5 ~ 55 ~ 5 Hz / 3 axis (x, yz) /0.5G each 30min / displacement 5mm / 10 cyclesFrequency 5 ~ 100Hz, the gravitational acceleration 0.5 ~ 14G, the displacement amount 0.5 ~ 100mm, load 0 ~ 200kg
Packaging drop testDrop test machineOutsourcingImpact on product handling process simulation dropA six-sided prism angle 3 free fall, the 1st, weight <= 9.1kg height 91cm, 9.1 <m <= 18.2kg height 76cmHeight 150cm ~ 5cm

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Eversharp Pro Company, founded in 1995 in Taichung, Taiwan, excels in manufacturing premium grooming scissors and high-quality stylist scissors. We specialize in professional hairdressing tools, offering high-precision grooming shears and premium hair cutting scissors. Renowned for our innovative designs and superior craftsmanship, we provide customizable solutions that meet global standards. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us a top choice for professional grooming and hairdressing tools internationally.

Eversharp Pro's extensive product line showcases our dedication to innovation and quality, ensuring every tool meets the highest standards. Our professional hairdressing tools, including high-precision grooming shears and premium hair cutting scissors, are designed for optimal performance and durability. By advancing our technology and design, we cater to the unique needs of stylists and groomers globally. Committed to excellence, Eversharp Pro continues to lead the industry, delivering superior cutting solutions that elevate the professional grooming and hairdressing experience worldwide.

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